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Hotel Art

  Art and Interior Design Come Together For Compelling Locations and To Put a Business on the Map.

An interior designer who takes their role seriously can ensure that the environment they create emulates the feeling they are going for. It is hard to comprehend some interior designers who lean towards the side of mass-produced artwork for their spaces when they could choose creativity and unique vibes for each location. Does the lobby of a chic hotel really need a set of chairs and paintings that can be found in any waiting room across the nation? Or does it deserve a personal touch that reflects the owner's or the interior designer's vision and personality? When you go with a unique and original design not every single person will like it, but the ones that do will love it. When you choose a generic décor just to avoid standing out, you will do exactly that and blend into every other hotel, conference center, or building on the block.

Don't blend in with your interior design, marry skill, unique art, and interior design for quality pieces that will spark conversation and delight the eyes. There are no limits at Art with DNA, just look at our showcase of past work. If you are interested in bringing attention to your new hotel opening the go with hotel art that makes the news, or at the very least is discussed by the guests when they leave your location. There are a lot of tiny details that go into running a hotel, that we as artists cannot begin to understand. But we do understand art, marketing, and how to make people feel a certain way with visual cues. Contact us today to learn more.

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