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Custom Art

  Five Reasons to Choose Custom Art

For Your Interior Design Project.

Do you have an interior design project you are trolling for ideas for? We have a surplus because we glean our ideas off of the personality and needs of our clients as well as each unique location the art will be placed. This leads to truly amazing artwork for interior designers who want to impress their clients time and time again. Create a name for yourself, your clients, and enjoy the process of creation as you work with us, Art with DNA to bring to life artwork that truly reflects the DNA of the client.


Here Are Five Reasons to Choose Custom Art For Your New Project:

1. Your area will be unique to the company. Do you really want to risk your client's walking in and observing the same interior design paintings on your wall that hangs in their podiatrist's waiting room? Do not be afraid to have your own voice and choose custom pieces that reflect your company or personal ideals.

2. Custom art can be a conversation starter. Do you have many clients who you rely on a personal relationship with in order to efficiently do business? Let your clients get to know you and spark casual conversation with interesting art in the areas where they congregate or wait.

3. A great art piece can create a news buzz for your grand opening or renovation project. If you receive the attention of local news venues you have the attention of local clients so it is win-win all around.

4. Why buy art that does not speak to you? Why would you go with a generic option when truly unique custom art is available for the same area?

5. Unique custom artwork will impress your clients and serve as a conversation piece. Many businesses rely on conversation and friendship to drive deals and return customers. An art piece with a message that supports the company or inspired friendly conversation is ideal to jumpstart new relationships with more reserved clients.


If you are interested in learning more about custom art for your interior design project or if you have been searching the terms “artwork interior design” into your engine then we have the answer to your needs and we look forward to working with you and your clients in the future. Our artwork is gallery and museum worthy, and when you commission a piece the quality will speak for itself.

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