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Fine Art Interior Design

  Fine Art Interior Design is Worth The Investment For Your Company.

Have you ever been to an apartment or building where everything just seems to come together and flow perfectly? All the art pieces may not match, but they seem to complement each other and the owner of the building in a way that seems almost magical? We have. And we know how quality interior design using our commissioned art pieces can turn an area into a statement within itself. We have had a part in decorating fine showcase apartments, homes across the globe, head offices of major companies, high-end hotel lobbies, corporate centers, and meeting rooms, and so much more. If you want a piece of quality art that reflects your message, we are the company that works with the best interior design artists in the world, and who can work directly with the client as well for art that speaks for itself. Our fine art paintings, interpretations, and sculpture steps beyond the world of framed wall art and into the world of tangible pieces that inspire conversation and wonder.

The process starts with understanding the needs of the client. We want to use our artistic ability to impress you and truly make you feel heard. The final result will be a fine art interior design piece that truly reflects your personality. That is why we are named Art with DNA and it is the whole concept of our service. The better we understand you, your company and the area the art will be displayed the better we can create a piece of art that truly reflects the DNA of you or your company. An example of this is the work we did for a Chilean salt mine. We used seven hundred pieces of five thousand year old salt to create a stunning and unique sculpture for their lobby. The sculpture has inspired emotion and wonder in guests every day since its completion and it exactly reflects the business. It has also been discussed outside the company in the art world and the local social circles in general, which drums up excitement and advertising for the business itself. We want to do the same for your company, home, or museum.

Contact us to begin the process and start the new year with a piece of art that you can be proud to call yours. If you are already working with an interior designer send them our way to begin communications we work directly with clients or through their designers.

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