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Art Statues

  Are You On The Hunt For a Company To Provide Unique and Compelling Art Statues and Sculptures?

At Art with DNA we have been selling art to interior designers since the start. We work with skilled interior designers who strive to create environments that reflect that exact statement their client wants. From relaxing oasis' in the middle of a corporate facility to hotel lobbies and recreation areas that make the guests want to return time and time again, we have helped bring the most creative visions to life, time and time again. Sculptures are quality conversation starters, landmarks, and can even convey a message if the artist desires.

Art statues can be created from any concept you can imagine. We have turned paintings into free form art statues and remarkable sculptures that make our clients and all their friends gather around and discuss the piece time and time again. We create completely original pieces that marry our skills and imagination with the unique personality and desires of each client. From the abstract to the concrete we enjoy the process of creation and our work speaks for itself so be sure to browse our online gallery. If you are working with an interior designer and are unsure about what direction to take in your area browse our site for ideas. If you do not yet have an interior designer contact us, we may be able to put you in touch with a skilled interior artist in the area. Our art statues and sculptures are commissioned and sold to high-end skilled interior designers across the globe and we are always on the lookout for new ideas to vent our creativity.

If art that is 100% unique to you, art that defines you, art that is truly yours just like you created it with your own hands is what you are looking for then schedule a consultation because that is exactly what we do. We are a global company that has built an impressive reputation in Chile and has been growing that same reputation in the United States. We can work with clients anywhere who have an idea that they would like to see visualized them implemented in their life. Our works are on display in buildings, landscapes, homes, and galleries across the world and we look forward to starting our next project with you. Our reputation is not simply one of artistic skill and structural integrity. We also communicate freely and professionally with our clients and deliver each project on time within the scheduled deadline. Contact us to learn more about exactly what we can do for you or your company.

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