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Quadro invites you on an enchanting journey beneath the waves, a unique exploration beneath the ocean's surface. Nestled just a stone's throw away from the bay, the building's design echoes its coastal proximity by seamlessly integrating the sea into its very essence. Step into an immersive under-the-ocean voyage, where visitors are submerged in a marine wonderland. The experience begins at the entrance, where a captivating school of over 500 individual fish sculptures sways and dances with the gentle breeze in the port cochere. Transitioning into the lobby, the mesmerizing journey continues with a stunning installation of blue-purple algae, setting the stage for two colossal 3D jellyfish suspended artfully along the walls. Quadro's under the ocean experience is a testament to the fusion of architectural brilliance and the sublime beauty of the aquatic world, offering a truly captivating and immersive encounter with the magic of the sea

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