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    Euroamerica Financial Services    

In early 2010, we were approached by Enrique Concha's design studio to work on an artistic proposal for the new headquerter of his client, Euroamerica Financial Services. After getting together with the client's President and the CEO, and understanding their history, corporate values and what they wanted to achieve as a company, we developed the concept: "Peace in your Journey Through Life", since it was an insurance company.

Having as a reference the famous photo "Lunch atop a skyscraper", and considering what areas of the company were located in each floor, we created 4 vesels to illustrate the company's values.


Each vesel was 26 ft long, built in wood and stoneware, over a steel structure and weighing over 1100 lb. After months of work, we finally installed the sculptures: all of them were placed 11 inches apart from a huge glass wall. 

The result was impecable, and to finish it up, we then produced a wonderful coffee table book with the story of how the whole art project was created and how it reflects the companys mision, values and goals.

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