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When approached by the client to craft a garden sculpture for their new home, Francisco del Río embraced the challenge of creating something abstract and uniquely integrated with its surroundings. Delving into the essence of the installation site, he envisioned a piece that would play with the interplay of sunlight and shadows. The result was an imaginative creation—a blue bird sculpture strategically positioned to catch the sun's rays at a particular time of day, transforming into a radiant yellow hue and illuminating the outdoor space. This dynamic interaction with natural light became a central feature of the sculpture, adding a captivating and ever-changing dimension to the garden.

Beyond its external impact, the brilliance of Francisco del Río's design extended into the interior, with the sculpture visible from the main dining room. This intentional blending of outdoor and indoor aesthetics created a seamless visual experience, allowing the sculpture to be appreciated from multiple vantage points. The blue bird sculpture not only brought an element of artistic sophistication to the garden but also served as a living artwork, harmonizing with the changing light and enhancing the overall ambiance of the client's home.

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