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In 2016, a remarkable project unfolded within a showroom apartment meticulously adorned by the Adriana Hoyos branch office in Santiago. The entire spectrum of art within this space was a testament to the creative genius of Francisco del Río. A commanding presence was established in the living room through a large painting featuring a majestic bull, capturing attention and setting the tone for the entire space. The master bedroom was adorned with three small yet impactful paintings, each contributing to an intimate and personalized ambiance.

Upon entering, a medium-sized painting in the entrance made a striking first impression, welcoming guests with artistic allure. Progressing through the hall, four distinct head sculptures added a touch of contemporary sophistication, serving as both focal points and conversation starters. In the dining room, a concrete totem stood as a unique testament to artistic ingenuity, while a set of wooden discs in the living room provided a visually captivating and textured element.

Francisco del Río's art not only adorned the apartment but also breathed life into each space, creating a harmonious blend of aesthetics that mirrored the distinctive style and elegance associated with Adriana Hoyos. This collaboration exemplified the power of art to transform a space into a living canvas, evoking emotions and infusing personality into every corner of the showroom apartment.

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