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In 2012, the Lo Curro Aesthetic Clinic embarked on a transformative artistic endeavor, commissioning a project that would redefine the clinic's space. Crafted by the skilled hands of the artist, six head sculptures emerged, each a fusion of clay and stoneware, symbolizing the profound concept of "Reconstruction." Ranging in size from small to grand, these sculptures became tactile reflections of the clinic's commitment to aesthetic rejuvenation and self-discovery, inviting clients to engage in a visual exploration of personal transformation.

Complementing the sculptural ensemble were two expansive paintings that added a dynamic visual layer to the narrative of rejuvenation. The entire collection, with its interplay of form and color, created an immersive environment where the concept of "Reconstruction" resonated. The artistry not only adorned the clinic with aesthetic allure but also sparked a deeper dialogue about the transformative power of aesthetic procedures, fostering an atmosphere of reflection and well-being.

This collaborative project, executed in 2012, stands as a testament to the clinic's dedication to both artistic expression and the enhancement of personal well-being. The six head sculptures and two paintings collectively encapsulate the essence of "Reconstruction," transforming the clinic into a space where art and aesthetics converge in a celebration of individual transformation.

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