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In the year 2013, a compelling project unfolded within the Santiago offices of the company, marked by the installation of four distinct sculptures. Each piece served as a visual narrative, contributing to an overarching theme that encapsulated the essence of the company's mission. The three primary sculptures, crafted from painted steel, wood, and stoneware, conveyed a sense of artistry and purpose. These materials, carefully chosen, added both texture and depth to the sculptures, creating a multi-dimensional visual experience.

The fourth sculpture, a formidable creation made from reinforced concrete, added a robust and enduring element to the ensemble. The collective concept for the project was aptly titled "The Importance of Men in the Process of Mining," reflecting a profound acknowledgment of the human element in the mining industry.

As visitors navigated the company's offices, they encountered a visual symphony that not only celebrated the significance of mining but also paid homage to the individuals integral to the process. Each sculpture, a testament to craftsmanship and thematic cohesion, stood as a reminder of the human impact in an industry often defined by its materials and machinery. This project served as a poignant marriage of art and industry, transforming the office space into a dynamic canvas that echoed the company's ethos and the vital role of individuals in the mining process.

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