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In 2010, our journey began when an esteemed interior design studio approached us with a captivating challenge: to craft an artistic proposal for Euroamerica Financial Services' new headquarters. Following in-depth discussions with the company's President and the CEO, where we absorbed their rich history, corporate values, and overarching aspirations, a compelling concept took shape: "Peace in your Journey Through Life," a profound reflection of the insurance company's purpose.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic photograph "Lunch atop a skyscraper" and considering the unique functions of each floor within the company, we conceptualized four vessels to visually articulate the core values. Each vessel, an impressive 26 feet in length, became a masterpiece constructed from wood and stoneware, mounted on a sturdy steel structure, weighing over 1100 pounds. Months of meticulous craftsmanship culminated in the installation of these sculptures, strategically positioned a mere 11 inches from expansive glass walls on every floor.

The outcome was nothing short of impeccable, a testament to the harmonious fusion of art and corporate identity. To commemorate this transformative endeavor, we curated a captivating coffee table book, narrating the evolution of the project and illuminating the profound narrative behind each sculpture. This book not only stands as a testament to our artistic journey but also serves as a lasting testament to how art can vividly embody a company's mission, values, and goals.

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