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The collaboration with the architecture office of Alemparte & Barreda for the design of two sculpture sets marked a significant artistic endeavor for the new Grand Hotel & Casino in Copiapo, situated in the northern reaches of Chile. Under the creative direction of Francisco del Río, a visionary approach emerged, resonating with the desert landscape that defines the region. In response, he conceptualized and brought to life a compelling collection comprising eight mummies, each standing at an impressive seven feet tall. These mummies, reminiscent of the mummified pre-Columbian inhabitants of the north, became evocative symbols of the region's rich cultural heritage.

In addition to the mummies, the second set featured 32 discs, mirroring the distinctive "tambos" found in the geographic expanse of the northern desert. The deliberate choice of these elements not only paid homage to the local history and indigenous cultures but also served to infuse the new hotel and casino with a profound sense of place. The sculptures, strategically positioned within the architectural landscape, transformed the space into a dynamic and culturally resonant environment, enhancing the overall experience for visitors and guests. This collaborative effort seamlessly wove together art and architecture, creating a visual narrative that celebrated the unique character of the northern Chilean desert.

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