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In the transformative year of 2013, a remarkable project unfolded, featuring a unique sculpture and a captivating painting within the offices of the company. At the heart of this artistic endeavor stood a sculpture crafted from an extraordinary medium—over 700 pieces of 5000-year-old salt sourced directly from the company's mine in the north of Chile. This exceptional material not only added a symbolic layer to the artwork but also connected the sculpture deeply to the company's core operations.

Positioned prominently in the entrance of the offices, the salt sculpture left an indelible impact, prompting the company to install a guest book for visitors. Each guest was invited to share their tactile and sensory experiences, allowing for a collective exploration of the artwork's unique essence. This interactive element not only engaged visitors but also contributed to the ongoing narrative of the sculpture.

The overarching concept for the project was poignantly titled "Rebuild the Extracted," underscoring the company's commitment to sustainable practices and the regeneration of resources. The salt sculpture became a tangible manifestation of this philosophy, symbolizing the company's dedication to responsible mining and environmental consciousness. The accompanying painting of the mine complemented this narrative, creating a cohesive visual language that spoke to the company's ethos and the intricate relationship between extraction and restoration. Together, the sculpture and painting transformed the entrance into a powerful storytelling space, inviting all who entered to connect with the company's mission on a visceral level.

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