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Welcome to The Gallery by Art with DNA

We’re pleased to present The Gallery by Art with DNA, a new concept, different from everything you've ever seen before. Visually stunning and breathtaking display together with on- site art creation that is sure to surprise and enlighten. We hope you’ll join us for a unique experience you’ll never forget.

If you are ready to leave a mark in the art world, look no further; Art with DNA is your new space for creative expression and exposure in the heart of West Palm Beach.

Our gallery prides itself on representing a diverse array of artistic styles, mediums, and perspectives. Your unique voice deserves a space where it can resonate, and we are invested in providing that platform.

Your art deserves to be seen. Our gallery attracts a wide range of art enthusiasts, collectors, and influencers. With strategic marketing and promotion, we ensure that your work receives the attention it deserves, both locally and beyond.

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Creating Strategic Art for
Architectural Identity

Art can transform any space into a special and unique one by adding character to it. Art can help you realize the potential of places and organizations. We understand the need to create places that people aspire to live and work in, and we can help you achieve that potential by creating a personalized and unique art project for you.
Our goal as art consultants is to create art that relates to the architecture, landscape and interior design of a certain space. To do so, we first understand our clients and then develop a unique concept that defines them. Later we transform that concept into art pieces.
We help you transcend and position yourself within your clients. We provide a comprehensive solution that will allow you to communicate your corporate identity to your stakeholders, through art.

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