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3D Printed Art

  Art with DNA Uses Your Unique Brand For One of a Kind 3d Printed Art.

If you are searching for the perfect statement piece for your home, lobby, convention room, or public area that is as unique and remarkable as you? Art with DNA is all about personalization and our 3d art interior decoration can convey the exact message you desire. It is important to feel free to be you, even in the corporate or business world. Our 3d printed artwork goes beyond the massed produced pieces you can get at chain home decor stores to truly reflect the vision of our clients in a symbolic and subtle way, or in a more bold and obvious manner depending on the desired outcome.

3d printed artwork began in the 1980s and it has evolved to the point where it is used in almost every aspect of science, art, and even medicine. 3d printing has created organs, hands-on medical teaching tools, life-saving devices such as respirators, and of course 3d art. The use of 3d printed artwork is applied in a variety of situations. For example in many art classes across the nation professors will 3d print copies of historical statues and statuettes give students a hands-on learning experience. Science meets art when it comes to 3d printing because math, geometry, and an understanding of space starting on a flat surface and emerging into the multidimensional world we share are required to create our works.

3d printed art is appealing because it is a medium that is freeform. The use of 3d printing for art is just beginning to be used and the results are impressing those in the know, and the general public alike. Who knows in a hundred years the medium may have stood the test of time and our unique pieces will be found in art history textbooks across the nation. If a client comes to us with the most abstract of ideas we can provide a physical reflection of those ideas in a piece of art that is as unique as they are. If an interior decorator comes to us with a project that spans several pieces of fine art to be spread across an entire building, that should not match but should complement each other, we can deliver that as well. We strive to use our creativity, skill in artistic vision, and use of a variety of mediums to make each and every client feel heard and that their words are reflected in our art.

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